Holy Bibble

The Book of Daniels and Jacobs

We'll admit it. There are a lot of cracks in many of the stories surrounding our beloved gods, angels, and demons. Luckily, we have the glorious prophets Lucas Daniels and Cannan Jacobs to fill in those cracks. For you see, these two modern prophets have been to both Tartarus and the city of Heaven whereupon they were showered with a great many books that explained the true nature of the universe. From that, they have taken it upon themselves to write a new book. The Book of Daniels and Jacobs. And while there are no versions currently available either online or in print, we come into frequent contact with the prophets so that they might reveal the new, hidden Truth to us. It is from these texts that they are, to this day still working on, that an occasional comic might arise from. But you can be assured that these stories are just as factual and trustworthy as any of the other stories from which Holy Bibble arises.